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Funny shit!

Main menu song = lol'ed
Easter Egg 1 = lol'ed hysterically
Awesome Fantasy = lol'ed so much at the emo part that my gf gave me the evils...
Overall = Did I just pee a little?

Man, these are awesome, you should make a DVD sometime, I would so buy it.

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Great game!

Graphics 5/5 Very professional looking!
Gameplay 4/5 Easy to understand, but I see no use of the ghost rooms...
Sound 4/5 Slightly boring, but fits the theme.
Overall 4.3/5

Nice game, the music could be improved, but apart from that, very good.I read about CERN's particle accelerator in Angels and Demons, I know it sounds weird, but this help me connect with the game.

Has its faults...

Nothing special, but some improvements could be made. Like spelling gingerbread correctly, drawing better gingerbread men and such. But as the name suggests, this is a demo, but you're better of posting in the N.G. Mag Alpha section until its complete.

In your final game, try to make ammo, instead of having unlimited shots. Also, learning how to create a custom menu might help, as clicking play makes and kills a ginger bread man.

Have a 5, though its not great, I want to make sure its protected.

Congratulations on an OKish game.

Darksunda responds:

Thanks for the review, but i spelt the name wrong on purpose. I think ull find that in the menu ive spelt it right, i know that gingerbread is spelt like that, i just thought id make the name sound funny. Look out for the full version and ill include everything you've suggested. CHEERS M8.


Sweet as, if you have flash lite you could but this on a mobile. Awesome, its dreamy.....

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Great song

I love how you got heavy metal spot on, without making it too heavy and deafening the listener. Also, I love the range of instruments, some of them I would never imagine in any form/branch of rock, but you certainly hit the nail on the head with them.

Timing was great, nothing seemed overplayed and new instruments were added without making the overall atmosphere thick.

Great work!

spamwangler responds:

thanks for the review dude :)

You've always been one of my favourite artists....

I'm gonna put these in my game. Well done on actually making it loop, all other supposed "loops" seem to be really short songs, and can't be replayed without massive gaps/sudden changes. Good Job :D

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks! I'm glad that you could use it. Thanks for the fav artist too. <3

Prince of darkness! <3 Yoshi <3

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