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Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock

2008-01-27 10:11:08 by Kygore612


Just boost the graphics for pure uberness.

I bought this game yesterday, and I played for 3 hours straight. Now its halfway through day two, and I have been playing for about 5 1/2 hours and im 3/4 of the way through easy.

Must have game. *****

Also, if you have the xbox-360/PS3 pay an extra £5 to get an awesome guitar to show off. I bought my guitar from Game and got a free chrome face-plate.

Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock


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2008-01-27 10:25:27

Sounds fun

(Updated ) Kygore612 responds:

It is, you really have to buy it. All you need is £60 and a Wii/PS3/X-360


2008-01-27 15:06:38

Ya it kicks solid ass. But im still waiting for Lose The Game: Console Edition (note: you just lost)